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Health ministry issues warning against 4 medicines in UAE

Health ministry issues warning against 4 medicines in UAE

The Ministry of Health issued a safety alert against four products due to microbial contamination

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention is alerting consumers and healthcare professionals against the use of four pharmaceutical products for the treatment of neurological, respiratory and underactive thyroid disease due to possible microbial contamination and contagious infection.

A warning against homeopathic drug products Neuroveen, a natural relief of neuralgia nerve pain; Respitrol for safe, temporary relief of chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing; Thyroveev, a homeopathic remedy for underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism; and Compulsin, a natural relief of obsessive thoughts and compulsive urges, was issued by Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and Chairman for Supreme Pharmacovigilance Committee, to medical zones, public and private hospitals, doctors and pharmacists.

Hellolife, Inc. issued a voluntary worldwide recall of Neuroveen, Respitrol, Thyroveev and Compulsin due to possible microbial contamination with the knowledge of and in cooperation with the United States, US, Food and Drug Administration, FDA.

The circular said these products are distributed worldwide via wholesale, retail and online sales and the safety alert was motivated according to a warning letter from the US FDA and the manufacturer Hellolife.

The manufacturer has said that the administration or use of products with microbial contamination could potentially result in increased infections that may require medical intervention, and could result in infections that could be life-threatening to certain individuals.

The ministry warned members of the public not to purchase any unregistered pharmaceutical products or food additives from bogus pharmacies on the internet and social media for their own safety.


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